Letter to G., the film – Rethinking our society with André Gorz

The film is devoted to André Gorz, one of the most inspiring intellectuals of the 21st century. Discipline of Sarte, greatly influenced by Ivan Illich, he was philisopher, a committed journalist, an economic critic, specialised in self-governance & autonomy he is one of France’s pioneer’s in political ecology.

« We need to learn to discern the unrealised possibilités that lie dormant in the nooks & crannies of the present. It is necessary to seize the opportunities. […]

It’s now twenty-five years that we have been pleading the urgency before we have to confront the bottom. […] it is time to think the reverse : to define the changes that need to be made from the ultimate goal to reach & not the goals from the ressources available, immediate easily made patching up. »

Reclaiming Work: Beyond the Wage-Based Society by André Gorz (unofficial translation)

Follow the line of thought of André Gorz in the documentary of an hour & a quarter

Manon, 26 years old went back to her family home in Vosnon, situated in the countryside of the Auboise region of France, as she needed to get away from Paris where she had been studying. Manon, diploma in hand as of yet has only managed to get temporary jobs of no real interest which are stifling her.

She is walking in her childhood village when she comes across a German television crew in front of a neighbouring house. She learns by chance that an important philosopher, specialised in ecology & politics has lived in the house for twenty years & spent his last moments on earth there : André Gorz.

Manon has decided to enquire about this mysterious philosopher of whom no one has every spoken to her. She reads his books ; becomes interested in his life, and is overwhelmed by his choices in daily living styles.

In the shape of an imaginary letter, a dialogue begins between Manon & André Gorz about the decline in economic growth, the world of work, a guaranteed income & autonomy. Manon discovers this thinker & starts to decrypt the society in which she is living.

Manon expresses the doubts, desires & questioning of our generation. She questions the reasoning behind oura cts, the context of the ecological crisis. Through the lectures & filmed interviews of Hervé KempfDominique BourgChristophe FourelWilly Gianinazzi and even Adeline Barbin, Manon embodies the prism by which we can discover André Gorz : the man & the theorist, the philosopher & journalist ; the tortured soul that he was until he found his place by the side of his companion Doreen.

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From the Aube region to Brussels passing through Paris, Lille, then the East of France, our film has travelled at the begining of this summer 2019. This current round of screenings – in cinemas & in public halls – has created an enthusiastic response with our audiences.

Each showing has been the opportunity to meet up for rich exchanges, learning from each other & especially to discover André Gorz.


The screenings-debates planned for the Spring of 2020 will have to be reprogammed due to the pandemic Covid -19.

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A big thank you to Vivienne, Hélène, Lucie, Guillaume and Françoise for translating the film into English. Thanks also to Françoise for her help. Most of the texts on the website have been translated by Vivienne.